We thought you might like to see this from our friends at the Hatherton Centre at St George’s Hospital, Stafford. If you’d like to get involved with the League, just drop us a note.

“Thank you to Staffordshire and Cannock Hospital League of Friends.

The equipment, kindly provided by the League of Friends has proven to be useful and popular amongst the service users at the Hatherton Centre, St George’s Hospital 

Since the arrival of the sandbags, service users have engaged in different types of group exercise and circuit training sessions. One service user said “I prefer doing sessions in the sports hall and the sandbags mean we can do more than just cardio in there.”

The sports instructors have found it has made a massive impact too:

Jenna said “We can now provide exercises a various ability and skill levels. Our preventative exercise programmes have become more varied, personalised and effective.

Gareth stated “Not everyone enjoys gym based exercise. So the more ways we have of encouraging physical activity and exercise, the more inclusive we can be. The ability to take sandbags to the wards, to the service users, makes exercise more inclusive, and in a secure services environment, that can only be a good thing.”