Annual Review 2017

Harold Bould, Chairman of the Board of Trustees 

I am pleased to report that over the last year the Stafford and Cannock League of Hospital Friends has made significant progress in many areas of its operations.

Last year, I said that the Board of Trustees along with Martin Thornley the Chief Executive had set out improvement targets and it is clear from our results this year, that we are well on our way to positioning our charity to achieve our long term objectives. We are not complacent and are only too aware of the challenges that we still have to overcome however, given the ongoing commitment of our staff and volunteers I feel sure that we are well on the way to achieve our long term goals and aspirations. 

On behalf of the Board of Trustees I wish to record our thanks to all our staff and volunteers who have worked so hard over the past year. The improvement in our performance is clearly down to their efforts and dedication to our organisation. 

Over recent months we have strengthened the Board, Debbie Moore a former hospital Trust representative has joined as a Trustee together with Val Jones and Carol Reilly. All three have a health service back-ground and they have already taken up key roles and responsibilities with our Charity, which I am confident will help us improve our service to our operating partners in so many ways. 

I would like to thank all our Trustees for their support to me as Chairman and for giving of their time so freely to our organisation. We really do value the time so generously given by our many volunteers and to support them we have recently appointed a new volunteer coordinator Liz Hill who will be working closely with our team of volunteers to ensure that we use their talents to the full and in the longer term improve our services to our partners. 

I truly believe we have had a very successful year and we are now in a stronger position to grow our Charity and deliver a first class service to the communities of Stafford and Cannock. 

On a sad note, this year we lost one of the founders of the Cannock League of Hospital Friends — Mrs Ethel Powell MBE. Her work within the community of Cannock was legendary and we are currently considering ways of commemorating her achievements. 

I also thank the family, friends and local communities who have generously donated to our Charity this year. We will ensure that all monies we receive are used wisely. 

Thank you 

Harold Bould, chairman of the Board of Trustees 



Our Achievements

Martin Thornley, Chief Executive 

My first year as Chief Executive has been a very busy and rewarding experience with many achievement made. I would like to thank the Trustees, Volunteers and Staff for their support and welcome Val Jones, Debbie Moores and Carol Reilly as Trustees. Each have a wealth of knowledge and experience which I am sure will be an asset to our Charity. 




Coffee Bars 

Without our 60 active volunteers our coffee bars and trolley service would not exist. Thank you to all of our volunteers for their time and commitment to the League of Friends during 2017. A special thank you to Sylvia Peat, Volunteer at County Hospital, for the money raised at the “Table Top” sales in 2017 which raised a total of £759.76. 

I am pleased to report that a trolley service around the wards at St George’s Hospital, Stafford commenced in October 2017. This has been very successful as a result of the commit-ment of our volunteers and staff who have been part of the project. This means we now have a trolley service around all three local hospital in Stafford and Cannock. 

We continue to work alongside the hospitals to ensure that our Coffee Bars are compliant with the NHS Commissioning for Quality and Innovation guidance (CQUIN). This guidance aims to secure improvements in quality of service for patients and I am pleased to report that we are now compliant with this guidance. 

Housing Department 

2017 has seen the organisation reaffirm its support of mental health and ongoing support to clients with mental health and additional issues. During the year the League of Friends opened their first “Dry House” project, (picture right) which helps individuals with addiction issues and supports them to live independently whilst continuing their rehabilitation. We would like to thank Stoke City Football Club for their support and donation with this project. 

The Veterans Project with support from the Royal British Legion has continued to develop with successful outcomes for the current veterans and those that have now moved on to independent living. 

The Housing In-reach Service that the League of Friends provides to the Acute Wards at St George’s Hospital, Stafford, has enabled patients to receive housing and housing benefits in a timely manner. Our organisation has success- fully offered accommoda- tion to patients from the acute wards at St George’s Hospital, allowing them to be discharged sooner and with a package of support in place. 

Our Housing Department has now moved to more single person accommo-dation in Stafford to meet the requirements and expectations of our clients and referring partners. This also enables us to offer accommodation to more female clients. 

Martin Thornley, Chief Executive.