I just wanted to provide a quick update on items that might be of interest to our followers on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social media platforms. You can respond (if you’d like to) in the comments box below.

Hopefully you know that this year the League of Friends is celebrating 60 years of service to the Staffordshire community. We are planning some fun events to mark this remarkable anniversary. You’ll be able to find details on the usual social media platforms and our events page.

We provide catering services to 3 local hospitals, Cannock Chase Hospital, St Georges Hospital and County Hospital, Stafford.  The League of Friends is very grateful for the continued help and support from our 60 volunteers, we really could not deliver our highly appreciated services to patients and staff without their freely given time and expertise. 

We will be publishing some of our volunteers inspirational stories this year, volunteering is such a rewarding experience and we are targeting an increase in our volunteer numbers to over 80 by the end of 2018.

The League of Friends is in the process of arranging the refurbishment of the Coffee Bar at County Hospital in collaboration with North Staffordshire University Hospital.  We will continue to update the website of the progress of this work.

On the Supported Housing front, the League of Friends now has a single person flat in Penkridge and are also going to provide more accommodation and services by branching out into Cannock, having 2 single person flats available early summer.

As we are a regulated charity, we hold an Annual General Meeting and this year’s meeting is to be held on Thursday 17th May. At the meeting we make important decisions regarding our charity and inform members, stakeholders, trustees and funders about the direction we are taking.  We also publish the charities accounts.  The meeting is open to members of the public as well, if you would like an invite, details of where the meeting is being held, or copies of the published documents,  just email admin@sclohf.co.uk. We do look forward to meeting you but please let us you know that you will be attending for catering purposes.

It is important to me as the Charity’s Chief Executive that our audience of funders and other stakeholders get to understand more about the services we provide, so from next month we will publish the first of our “League of Friends stories”, which will be provided from our staff, volunteers, clients, patients, etc.

Martin Thornley, Chief Executive

Stafford and Cannock League of Hospital Friends