Martin Thornley
Chief Executive

Having joined Stafford and Cannock League of Hospital Friends as Chief Executive in January 2017, it gives me great please to reflect on the achievements of the organisation in what was a very difficult period and also highlight the plans that we have for 2017 to ensure that we grow our services to be sustainable for the future.

Firstly, I would like to say a personal thank you to our 70 active volunteers that tirelessly work in our coffee bars and trolley services in the three hospital in Stafford and Cannock. Without our volunteers supporting patients, staff and visitors this would not be possible and in 2016 alone they carried out an amazing 10,775 hours of volunteering.

During 2016 the County Volunteers lead by Sylvia Peat commenced a monthly table top sale within the hospital and raised £1,248.17.

Looking to the future, these sales will continue at County Hospital and in additional will commence at Cannock Hospital.


Our trolley services visit the wards at Cannock and County Hospitals Monday to Friday and it is our intention to trial this service at weekends at Cannock Hospital and to investigate the possibility of a similar service for patients at St George’ s Hospital.

We were able to continue to make donations to the three hospitals that we work with during 2016, although this was only possible by drawing on our planned reserves. A £5,000 donation to St George’ s Hospital and £6,000 to County Hospitals were both used to support projects for Arts for Health.

Working with the Facilities staff at Cannock Hospital their donation of £13,375 funded a number of initiatives to improve the environment for patients, staff and visitors including redecoration of a quiet room and purchase ofa summer house and garden benches for patio areas.

As our hospital partners provide facilities in which we operate our services it was felt appropriate that donations should reflect the income and facilities provided to our coffee bar and trolley services.

Martin Thornley