How We've helped

Over the past 50 years the League of Hospital Friends has donated hundreds of thousands of pounds to local hospitals.  It is amazing that in the last fifteen years alone almost a quarter of a million pounds has been donated to help and support patient care.  We recognise that not everything can be provided through NHS funding and we believe that we can make a difference to local services by supporting the valuable work that they do. 

The donations made to local hospitals range from equipment to small items that support patients whilst in hospitals. 

The following are examples of some of the donations made over the last 15 years:

Santa Visits:
For many years we provided a little bit of Christmas cheer for those patients who unfortunately had to spend their Christmas in hospital.  It was a tradition that Santa made a special visit to each hospital a few days before Christmas to drop off his sack of presents.  These small gifts were much appreciated by our patients, not to mention the children who had the opportunity to ask Santa for those special presents they would like left on Christmas morning.  

Cancer Support:
The League of Hospital Friends has been a regular supporter of patients diagnosed with cancer and since 1998 has donated over £50,000 to the Chemotherapy Unit at Stafford Hospital.  This funding has helped to purchase wigs for patients who have sadly lost their hair and leaflets that provide much needed information for patients and their relatives.  In 2002, the League of Friends donated £30,000 towards the development of a Breast Care Unit to support the treatment of people diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

Specialist Cleaning Equipment for Stafford Hospital:
In 2006/7 the League of Hospital Friends decided to support Stafford Hospital with its campaign to reduce hospital acquired infections and donated £11,000 towards the purchase of specialist steam cleaning equipment. 

Garden Project for St George's:
A garden project at St George’s Hospitals during 2008 resulted in a donation of £8,000 by the League of Hospital Friends. 

Student Sponsorship:
In 2010, it was felt that with the Governments ongoing changes to the funding for people with long term illness, it would be beneficial if the Charity, South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Staffordshire University worked jointly on a research project. The Charity agreed to fund a Phd student for three years for a total of £21,000 to undertake research which would benefit the Charity in future funding applications.  

Slipper Exchange Service:
In 2011 we were asked to fund a new project with Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust to provide a slipper exchange service.  Very often patients are admitted to hospital wards that care for elderly people with no, or unsuitable slippers.  The scheme provided patients with new slippers, as research has found that this can help reduce the incidents of patients falling or tripping whilst in hospital, and when they are discharged home.

Staff Awards:
In 2011 we donated £1,200 to purchase Staff Awards for the South Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in recognition of the valuable work of their staff in supporting patients with mental illness.

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